health psychology

Imagine you are witnessing a senate debate in Washington, D.C., hours before a vote on a comprehensive health care reform proposal. A significant number of senators are open to the idea, but are unconvinced to support full integration of health psychology-based wellness components in health care policy.

Discuss three most significant concepts you would include in the speech supporting incorporation of health psychology concepts in health care policy?

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  1. Your instructor wants YOUR opinion based upon YOUR understanding of health psychology. We can not tell you what YOUR ideas are.

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  2. ok thanks

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  3. i was not asking for you to tell me but for an example

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  4. I don't know how your text materials have presented this information. It seems to me, though, that you should examine which aspects of mental health prevention and treatment should be included in a health care bill. When should it pay for a psychologist? psychiatrist? holistic practitioners? stop-smoking clinics? yoga classes? etc.

    This site may give you some ideas, but your text is your best source of information.

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  5. I like MSSues last response. There is a lot of quackery floating around on Health prevention
    natural foods
    health attitudes
    holistic gurus

    It is hard for many people to swallow these folks ideas. I remember one famous California Psychologist who held group therapy sessions with patients in the in swimming pools...,9171,837959,00.html is a modern version of it.
    Carl Rogers in his day worked in Carmel and LaJolla with his encounter groups, with the oil massages in the .
    Few senators will be convinced that this his health care.
    So add Encounter Groups to the list of things that Psychology presents, that will not be funded under Health Care legislation.

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