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I am attempting to secure sources of funding for an organization and I was wondering if there is any way that one could narrow in on some groups that could offer aid to this cause? This is for a Christian (Roman Catholic) entity that strives to provide a transitional life style for homeless women and children.

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  1. Have you talked with anyone at United Way or Catholic Charities?

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. I believe that they are already affiliated with these major players. Is there a searchable list of institutions through which I could sift? Any other ideas as to where else I could turn? I have a feeling that this going to take a while, so it is good thing I have some amount of time to do this. . .

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  3. You are going to have to develop some rationale why one catholic origanization (yours) is competing for funding from the same institutions to do the same thing. That will be a tough cookie to sell. Especially since Catholic Charities has been in the business doing your mission so long. Surely you are not going to argue that they are doing a lousy job, are you? Anyway, you need to face this issue, because major players are going to ask.

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