english grammar


Writeone complete sentence for each expression to show clearly how it differs in meaning from their expression in the group.

a to compare to = As compared to Bina I am equaly intelligent.
b to compare with = he cannot be compared with Jamil, as he is much bifferent from him.

a to begin by = my day always begin by praying God for his blessing upon me.
b to begin to = she began to cry when her mother scold her.

a to part with = sara parted with all her ill habited friends.
b to part from = I and my friend parted from each other after attending school function.

a to charge for= Mr Hammad was charged for his wrong doings by his boss.
b to charge with = The captain was charged with some important task.

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  1. a to compare to = Compared to Bina, I am a genius.
    b to compare with = He cannot be compared with Jamil because he is completely different. (In many cases, comparison is used to indicate similarities. Contrast is used to indicate differences.)

    a to begin by = He began his day by praying to God for his blessing upon me.
    b to begin to = She began to cry when her mother scolded her.

    a to part with = Sara parted with all her ill-mannered friends.
    b to part from = My friend and I parted from each other after attending a school function.

    a to charge for= Mr Hammad was charged for his wrong doings by his boss.
    b to charge with = The captain was charged with an important task.

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  2. The first sentence in the second set should read this way:

    a to begin by = Jamil began his day by praying to God for His blessings.

    (or "... for His blessings on us all" or some variation)

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