12. The _____ criteria for a new VCR indicates that faster rewind abiity and easier initial set-up would be benecficial.
a. financial
b. market
c. technical
d. production

i can't exactly figure out the answer to this one

13. Which of the following is a labor intensive activity?
a. printing newspapers
b. producing bottled soda
c. manufacturing chocolate bars
d. making fine furniture

I would guess D

Please help me on the first question, and check the second one for me.

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  1. for #12.

    'Technical or engineering criteria describe the operational safety characteristics that the device or system must meet. These criteria are based on how, where, and by whom the product will be used. An example of a engineering criteria for a new windshield wiper might be: MUST EFFECTIVELY CLEAR THE WIDNSHIELD OF WATER WHEN THE VEHICLE IS TAVELING AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS.

    Production criteria describe the resources available for producing the device or system. These criteria are based on the natural, human, and capital(machine) resources availbale for the production of the device or system. A production criteria for a prodcut might be: MUST BE MANUFACTURED USING EXISTING EQUIPMENT IN THE FACTORY.

    Market criteria identify the functional, appearance, and value characteristics for the device or system. These criteria are derived from studying what the user expects from the device or system. An example of a market criteria might be:THE PRODUCT MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH eARLY aMERICAN DECOR.

    Financial criteria establish the cost-benefit ratio for the device or system. These criteria address the amount of money required to develop, produce, and use the technological device or system and the ultimate benefits from its use. An example of a financial mate benefits from its use. An example of a financial criteria might be: THE PRODUCT MUST BE PRICED AT FIVE PERCENT LESS THAT THE MAJOR COMPETITOR'S PRODUCT.


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  2. 12. The question is ambiguous. "Beneficial" for whom or for what purpose? All of those answers could fit, depending upon the meaning of the question.

    13. D. is probably the best answer. But why are you guessing?

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  3. All Right, I'll ask my teacher for number 12. For number 13, I was guessing because most of the questions have answers directly from the book; this one didn't.

    Thank you so much

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  4. Thanks for posting your text's definitions. They put the question in context and also make the answer clear. Which answer do you think best fits?

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  5. I would say financial.

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  6. I disagree. It can't be financial because there's nothing in the question that implies money or profit.

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  7. market

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  8. Yes. Market is right.

    The key words are:

    "These criteria are derived from studying what the user expects from the device or system. "

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