A flying saucer filled with space aliens landed in my front yard! After the entire crew had filed out of their spaceship, I happened to count their heads and feet. I saw a total of 91 heads and 124 feet. It was clear that their leader was a purple creature with three heads and four feet. The rest of the space aliens each had two heads. The green ones had two feet and the blue ones had three feet.

How many of each type of creatures landed in my yard?

Green creatures_____________

Blue creatures______________

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  1. Please do not keep reposting the same question. Give us at least a couple of hours for a tutor to respond.

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  2. Ok subtracting leaders heads means 88 heads for green and blue.
    Subtracting leaders feet, that leaves 120 feet for green and blue.

    now solve for G, B

  3. 24 of blue and green

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  4. 12 green, 32 blue because 12 x 2 = 24 and 32 x 3 = 96 and 24 + 96 = 120
    also 12 = 32 = 44

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  5. you don't count the heads and the legs you run for dear life

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  6. Remember, my face cool, and yours is not!!!!!!!!!!!!

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