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what is a asituation that is currently in the news that would make a good topic for a cause and effect essay?

i need to find osme information that lists the possible causes of that situation.

(the category can be a health issue, national or international news, entertainment, or sports)


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  1. What about the decline in AIDS Cases worldwide?

    Google on AIDS declining

  2. yea..but i don't find the causes of it.

    can you give me some links or information that will tell me the causes of AIDS declining?

    in the meantime i'll keep searching google


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  4. how come I don't see the causes on this link.. I already searched it up

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  5. Goodness. It has "causes" on nearly every link. That is why I suggested the topic, the causes are many, and many of them are being debated.

  6. Please read several sites carefully. Think about what is causing the decline in AIDS cases.

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