Where did you volunteer?

1. I volunteered at the Nakdong River. I picked up trash on the seashore with other volunteers. I collected plastic bottles and other things from the river. The river has become cleaner with our work.

2. I volunteered at a city hall. I helped their paperwork. I cleaned the floor, and I wiped the dust on the desks.

3. I did volunteer work at a police office. I went on an errand. I cleaned the building and the yard. I also carried things to right positions.

4. I went to an orphanage where I took care of little children. There were some handicapped children. I helped them to go out. I sang songs for them. I helped some take a shower.

5. I became a volunteer at a nursing home. I helped old people wash their bodies. I prepared food for them. I also sang songs for them with other volunteers. I was a little tired, but I felt proud of myself.

(Would you check the passages? Correct errors, please.)

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asked by rfvv
  1. In #3: I also carried things to right positions. = things to the correct positions.


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