tell me your favorite book and what about it is.

I have to take a survey.

My favorite book is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks because I love to read love stories and see that there is such a thing as true love.

Thanks Katelyn.
Can you also tell me brief story of it?
I need it.

It about a girl named Allie who was from a rich northern area who moved to a southern area and met a boy named Noah. Allie wasn't interested in Noah (this was in the beginning of summer), but Noah would not take no for an answer. Allie finally went out with him, and they eventually fell in love. By the end of the summer, Allie was told that her and her family were moving, part of it was because Allie's parents despised Noah since he was a poor boy who worked at the coal mines. They ended up moving back to New York i think it was, and years passed by. Noah wrote to Allie everyday for a whole year, but Allie never received the letters because her mom was holding on to them. 7 years went by i believe, and Allie became engaged to another man. She decides to go back south before her marriage and meets up with Noah again. They immediatly feel their love for eachother again, and Allie now has to choose between her old love, who she still remains in love with, or her new beau that she in engaged with. She chooses Noah and they stay in love forever. The end of the story is how Allie is diagnosed with Alzheimers, and forgets who Noah and their family is. Noah reads to her everyday, and some days by the end of the day, she remembers who he is. That shows what true love is all about. It ends with her dying, and the night that she dies, she remembered who Noah was, and they fell asleep together, and she died in his arms.

sorry its long, but hope it helps.
im bad at summarizing.

Thanks a lot Katelyn.
It is a good story.

The sineater:
this book is about a young girl close to her grandmother who dies at the very beginning. in her culture they have a sineater, a man who is to never be looked in the eye, for he eats the sins of the dead and you will take some of his burden if you do so. she looks him in the eye on accident and must find out more about him. this is about her journey to find the sineater.

Good morning Nikki-Ole.
Thank you for your comments!

One of my favorite books is "Catcher in the Rye". It is one of the best "coming of age" books.

I know that book! I like it too.
Thanks GuruBlue anyways.

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