By what percentage does the average price increase from 1994 to 1995? Obtain a truncated version of the graph by sliding a piece of paper over the bottom of the graph so that the bars start In the truncated graph, by what percentage does the price appear to increase from 1994 to 1995? Why is the truncated graph misleading?

I couldn't paste the graph.

The bottom is labeled by the years
and the graph going us are the avg cost of a studio
starting at 0 going up to 600
For 94 the graph shows 400
95 and 96 are both 500
97 550
98 575

Thanks for any help

asked by Anonymous
  1. If no one can help, can someone explain a truncated version or how I should go about finding it? Thanks!

    posted by Anonymous
  2. a trunkated graph eliminates the bottom part of the chart, showing only the top. This is never a good idea, unless you want to lie with statistics. In this graph, the non-trunkated graph starts at zero and goes upward to 600.
    The trunked version starts at about 390 to 600. It makes the difference in the height look more prounounced.

    posted by bobpursley
  3. Great explanation. Thank you, you just made the entire problem make sense to me.

    posted by Anonymous
  4. And the increase from 94-95 would be 500-400=100?

    posted by Anonymous

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