Can someone please help me on this two Chemistry questions...they are from my lab....the lab was on Acids and Bases using Red Cabbage Indicator.

Q1- How consistent was the cabbage juice indicator for this lab? Discuss the limitations of using red cabbage juice as an indicator in comparison to the universal pH paper?
The first part of the question I know but it's the second part that I am stuck on!

Q2- What is the relationship (i.e. direct or inverse) between pH and hydrogen ion concentration? Remembering that pH= -log[H+]. Please explain.

Thanks so much for the help ;-) Online chemistry is so hard!

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asked by Jessie
  1. On q1. pH paper can tell pHs over a wide range, rather accurately. Did the Cabbage juice do that?

  2. How consistent was the cabbage juice indicator for this lab? Discuss the limitations of using red cabbage juice as an indicator in comparison to the universal pH paper.

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    posted by nicole

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