hi ms.sue

About what percentage of southeast asian countries are islands?
my choice is a.

early cultures devolped in southeast asia through:
A)extensive marititme trade
B)isolated pockets of ethnic devolpment
C)contact with europeans traders
D)contact with christians missionaries
my choice is c

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asked by henry
  1. Hi Henry,

    I have no idea about your first question. If your answer is in your book, it must be right.

    The key words in the second question are early cultures. Since European traders came long after the first cultures developed, c. cannot be right. That would also eliminate d.

    Isolated pockets of ethnic development don't usually lead to the development of cultures throughout a region.

    A map of southeast Asia suggests the best answer in my opinion. For instance, the Vietnamese people originally came from China and the Pacific islands.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. for 2 its b

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    posted by henry
  3. It is? I would have said maritime trade.

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    posted by Damon

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