kindda URGENT-social studies/world civilizations

i have about one more page to write in this report about the egyptian god of death, osiris, and i've gone on about how he was born, who was involved, not much to his life, but got a good part of his death covered...i have one more page and i am at loss for what to write about him next...thinking about info about what he does in the underworld and all, but i don't know where to get good info for that or how far that will take me...just one more page due tomorrow...PLEASE HELP!!!

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asked by anonymous
  1. Osiris was the ruler and judge of the Underworld.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Here are some good websites to explore. Here's hoping you haven't come across these before and you'll be able to find something worthwhile that you hadn't thought of so far.

    You've probably already been here, but just in case there's a link you haven't already found:

    The Wikipedia article seems to be the most complete.


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    posted by Writeacher

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