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Hi can anyone help me, i tried but it is coming up incorrect.
July 1. Bills are sent to clients for services provided in June in the amount of $800.
July 8. First Bank loans the company $2,500. The company will pay back the loan in August.
July 9. Office Supply Corp. delivers furniture (41,060) and expendable office supplies ($160) to Random, leaving an invoice for $1,220.
July 15. Payment is made to Office Supply Corp. for the furniture and office supplies delivered on July 9.
July 23. A $430 bill for electricity for the month of June is received and will be paid on its due date in August.
July 31. Salaries are paid to employees in the amount of $850.

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asked by Peaches
  1. But WHAT is th e question?


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    posted by SraJMcGin
  2. You might try here:


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