can anyone help me with these 3 problems I am trying to check my daughters hoime work it has bee na few years.

1. The sum of n and twenty -two, multiplied by three, is 78

2. the product of z and 17 is less than or equal to the difference of twenty -one minus z.

3.two increased by eight times a number is equal to the number divided by 5

Ok, we have
(1) (n + 22)*3 = 78. Divide both sides by 3 to get
n + 22=26 now subtract 22 from both sides to get n=4
(2) z*17 <= 21 - z add z to both sides to get
z*17 + z <= 21 or
z*18 <= 21 now divide both sides by 18 to get
z<=21/18 or z <= 7/6
(3) Denote the number by n then
2 + 8n = n/5 multiply both sides by 5 to get
10 + 40n = n now subtract n from both sides and subtract 10 from both sides to get
39n = -10 so n=-10/39

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