Early Child Ed.

Would you mind please, checking these questions and my answers?

1. Which of the following is the best
example of a teachable moment?

A. A teacher telling a young child it
is time to use the potty.

B. A child struggling to put on his own

C. A child building a fancy house with

D. A teacher showing a child how to
write his name.

2. Incidental teaching occurs best when:

A. a child shows interest in something
and a teacher responds.

B. a teacher does not expect learning
to occur.

C. an incident occurs and the teacher

D. a teacher leads a child to an

3. Teachers need to use task analysis
with children to:

A. figure out why children act a
certain way.

B. divide a difficult activity into
smaller activities.

C. speed up a child's learning.

D. slow down a child's learning.

4. An early childhood teacher who is
a good facilitator in the classroom

A. tells children what to play with.

B. tells children how to play.

C. moves in and out of children's play.

D. provides no assistance to children
in play.

5.An effective teacher in an inclusive
early childhood classroom:

A. has a lot of special education

B. is also a therapist.

C. has experience with all disabilities.

D. is knowledgeable about child

Here are my answers. Please let me know
the ones I have wrong.

#1. (B) A child struggling to put on
his own shoes.

#2. (A) a child shows interest in
something and a teacher

#3. (B) divide a difficult activity
into smaller activities.

#4. (C) moves in and out of children's

#5. (B) is also a therapist.

Please let me know the ones I have wrong. Thank you for your time and help!!

I don't agree with the answer on question five. It is not necessary for an effective inclusive teacher to be a therapy, but they ought to know how the students develope, especially in thinking and motor skills.

would you agree that questions 1,2,3,and 4 are correct? You didn't say?

1, 2, 3, and 4 look fine to me, and probably do to Bobpursley, too, since he didn't say there was anything wrong with them.

5 needs rethinking.


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asked by Tamera

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