Describe what the graph of interval

[-4,10] looks like?

what does the brackets mean?

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asked by scooby9132002
  1. It is supposed to mean between -4 and 10, but I never remember if the end points are included in this notation.
    I never used that notation, I use something like

    -4 ≤ x ≤ 10 or -4 < x < 10

    So it means that you are only concerned about the graph that falls within those two values of x .

    Clarify from your text or your instructor whether the endpoints are included or exclude.

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    posted by Reiny
  2. [-4,10] means -4<=x<=10
    The square brackets mean that the limites are included in the interval.
    If a limit is to be excluded, use the parentheis or turn the brackets backwards.

    (-4,10] means -4 < x <=10.
    ]-4,10] also means -4 < x <=10


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    posted by MathMate

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