English Grammar

1. If they had tried their best, they would have succeeded in the interview. (subjunctive mood)

2. As they didn't try their best, they didn't succeed in the interview.
3. As they didn't try their best, they wouldn't succeed in the interview.
4. As they didn't try their best, they couldn't succeed in the interview.

#2, 3 and 4 are in the indicative mood.
What is the same as Sentence 1 among Sentence 2, Sentence 3, and Sentence 4?

What about Sentence 3? Does this the same as Sentence 1 as well?
What is the difference?

Already addressed:


Thank you for your answer. Would you let me know the sentences which are the same as Sentence 1 (#1)?

None of the other sentences is the same as #1. Sentences 2, 3, and 4 have similarities among themselves, but not to #1 ... unless you're interested in really trivial stuff, such as "they" and "their best" and "in the interview."


Well, there is one other thing.

All four sentences begin with a subordinate (dependent) clause, and end with the main (independent) clause.

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