Intro. to Comp.

Would you please check these for me?
If any are wrong, let me know.

1.You currently live in a rural community and the local telephone
company only provides analog lines.
This means that in order to use your phone connection to access the
Internet you will need a:

A. DSL server
B. hot spot
C. T1 line
D. modem

2.Your employer wants to increase its
Internet bandwidth to a rate of at
least 1 mbs. What type of bandwidth
connection would you recommend?

A. T1
B. Basic rate ISDN
C. A v.90 modem

3.You want to create a wireless
network in your home so that all
your computers can share the
2 Mb DSL connection to the Internet.
You are at the computer store shopping for wireless Internet cards for your
computers.Which wireless standard
matches your needs the most?

A. 802.11b
B. 802.11w
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11i

4.In order to interact with a wireless network, the client computers must be
able to contact a:

A. LAN switch
D. WAN router

5. Though ISDN is faster than regular
dialup,it is growing out of favor due to the popularity of:

D. wireless

6.Your company utilizes a network in which data is transmitted via radio signals by satellites. This is an example of a:

D. Wireless LAN

7.Your locality is becoming a haven for wireless Internet access. You can currently bring your laptop to the
local library,coffee shop, or airport
and surf the Internet. These locations are deemed:

A. LAN connections
B. gateways
C. hot spots
D. ISDN points

8.Your company utilizes a just-in-time
business relationship with its suppliers. It is essential that these suppliers have limited access to the
company network to obtain information necessary to manufacture and deliver
the supplies the company needs. This is an example f a/an:

A. Internet
B. intranet
C. mantranet
D. extranet

Here is a list of my answers.
Please let me know which are wrong.

1. (D) modem
2. (C) A v.90 modem
3. (A) 802.11b
4. (C) WAP
5. (B) DSL
6. (A) WWAN
7. (C) hot spots
8. (D) extranet

Please let me know what I have wrong.
Thanks for your help,and I hope you are feeling better.

1) Ok
2) V.90 is only 56 kbps
3) Right.
4) Right
5) Correct
6) Yup
7) Yup
8) Yup.

Looks like you just need #2 corrected.

Information on:

Basic rate ISDN is in here somewhere:

And T1 is here:


After reading the sites you posted,
would the correct answer for #2, be
(B) basic rate ISDN ?

After reading the sites you posted,
would the correct answer for #2, be
(B) basic rate ISDN ?

I won't say yes or no. Just "where does it say that in there?" (And would ask the same thing no matter what you picked). :)


I have read these sites you suggested-
and I am confused. Please help!

The information is in there.

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