Find 2 solutions to the equation 3x+5y=10. Write the solutions as ordered pairs.

This is on my math study guide for our final and she already took up our text books. please help me!

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  1. If you plot the graph of the equation
    it represents a straight line, which in turn is made up of an infinite number of points.
    If you substitute a value of x or y in the equation, then you end up with an equation containing a single unknown for which you can solve easily.
    For example, let y=1, then
    Thus (2.5, 1) will be one point on the graph.
    You can repeat as many times as you wish to get the number of points you want on the graph. If you plot all those points, they should all fall on a straight line, because the original equation is a linear equation in x and y.

    Now all you need to do is to use the equation your teacher gave you and follow the same procedure.

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  2. Here what the graph of the equation should look like:

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  3. whenx=-2. 3(-2)+5y=10, -5+5y=10,+5y=5+5,+5y=10,y=+10

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