Is p-toluidine soluble in HCl?
Is 2-naphthanol soluble in NaOH?

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  1. p-toluidine hydrochloride is soluble in water. HCl is a water solution.
    p-toluidine is not very soluble (less than 1mg/ml at 70C) in water.
    I am reluctant to answer the 2-naphthol question without knowing why you want to know. That compound is incompatable with strong bases, and with solutions of strong bases it will convert to an anion. Solubility in water: slight to very slight.

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  2. p-toluidine is an amine; therefore, it will be basic and form a salt with HCl (yes it is soluble in HCl). I can't find anything about 2-napthanol. If 2-naphthanol is the same thing as 2-napthol, yes it will be soluble in base since the OH group is a phenol and phenols are acidic.

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