Which sentence contains an item that is either incorrectly in quotation marks or that should be in quotation marks:

A.Read the chapter entitled "The Hidden Life of Molecules."
B.Why did you call the painting "Wildlife Number 57"?
C.The short story about learning to play the violin was called "Breathing The Music."
D.A busload of children was singing "Jingle Bells".


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  1. (Broken Link Removed)


    At this site, hold your cursor over CITING SOURCES and then look at the entries for these:

    **Essay in a Collection (for a chapter and a short story)
    **Artwork (for a painting and a song)

    Which ONE is not done with quotation marks?

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  2. It says the name of a specific song is enclosed within quotation marks. So that makes D wrong.
    About stories- Notice that we do not use "p" or "pp" (abbreviations for "page" and "pages") before listing the page or range of pages in the citation

    So A? Because it's not listing pages.


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  3. No, not A.

    Quotation marks are used for anything that can be printed WITHIN something else (short stories in an anthology, chapters in a book, songs in a song book, poems in an anthology, etc.).

    So ... what's left?

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  4. Sorry for the late reply: B?

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  5. Yes, B.

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  6. Thanks a million Writeacher =)

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  7. YW! =)

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