similarities between Baptist Church and Roman Catholic Church

Both have sacraments, basically the same beliefs, and loosely on the same texts. Both believe in the Trinity of God.

Please check your textbook and tell us what you've found. We'll be glad to comment on your answer.

To start -- they both believe in infant baptism.

This is a huge question to answer in terms of where to go. And "Baptist" is still somewhat unspecific. I assume it means "Southern Baptist" since that is what most Baptists tend to be. I would ask your teacher just to clarify if you feel you need to.

What I would do is look at how both view the following. Some of the items in this list - they're very similar. Some of the items is this list - they are very different. Others are similar, but with important differences.

--Holy Texts
--Church Services
--The churchs' histories
--Eschatology (end times)

I'm sure there is a larger list of things and I could type forever, but just trying to get you to think about just breaking the question down into different subjects within the faiths.

And, even though that looks like a huge list, a lot of that will be covered in most books/introductory articles about the religion.


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asked by Krystle

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