I have an assignment that wants me to describe the topographical factors that intensify the air pollution. What does it mean by topographical mean? I thought it was a type of map? Please help me :)

Rindi: That post was an impersonation. It has been removed.

Are you kidding me? what is that?

You know I have to say this just because I think someone deserves to know. I posted this question at 11:37pm. I understand that it takes a while to answer everyone's questions. But, most of the time I get answers that do not make any sense or I never see an answer. I posted on another site the same questions and in a mater of moments someone answered my question. I have used this site many times for about a year now. i used to be able to post something and soon enough I would get a response from a teacher or at least someone from Jishka.

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asked by Rindi

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