Oil is stored in a tank at an oil refinery.
The tank is in the shape of a cylinder.

The tank has a diameter of 20 m.
The depth of the oil in the tank is 6 m.

The density of the oil is 800 kg per m^3.
Oil tankers can hold up to 45 000 kg of oil.

How many of these oil tankers are needed to empty all the oil from the tank?

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  1. volume of the oil in the tank = pi*r^2*h = 3.14*10^2*6 = 1884 cubic meters.
    mass of the oil in the tank = volume x density = 1884 m^3 x 800 kg/m^3 = 1507200 kg.
    45,000 kg/tanker x # tankers = 1507200 kg. Solve for # tankers

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  2. 8

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