Which sentence uses a semicolon correctly?(1 point)

I need to bring the following things; my gym bag, my backpack, and your helmet.

The stadium is located next to the school; it does not take long to walk there.*

Before we go to softball practice; we have to finish our homework.

We moved practice to the gym; after it started raining.

Which describes an independent clause?(1 point)

an incomplete sentence

a phrase in a sentence without a verb

a sentence fragment

a part of a sentence that can stand alone *
What is a compound sentence?(1 point)

a sentence with two independent clauses and no dependent clauses

a sentence with two dependent clauses and no independent clauses

a sentence with one independent clause and one dependent clause*

a sentence with no dependent clauses

which sets off an introductory phrase? (1 point)

a colon

a comma *

a semicolon

a conjunction

will someone please check my answers?

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  1. ok I ended up submitting it but i got all right except for 3 which the answer is actually

    : a sentence with two independent clauses and no dependent clauses

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  2. answers?

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  3. . is 100% correct for connexus

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  4. d - The stadium is located
    d - A part of a sentence
    d - A sentence with two independent clauses and no dependent clauses
    c - a comma

    I just took the quiz and got a 3/4 but I corrected the answers for this comment!

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  5. @gezzy_ is correct 100% thank you so much!

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  6. @gezzy_ is correct also, thx man

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  7. @gezzy_ is correct 100%

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  8. everyone is wrong I am right, ONLY ME
    answer is 4x-84,000,000

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  9. Thanks

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