Biology B: Storage of Carbon Quick Check Q-A, Answer = ***

Which reservoir has the largest deposit of carbon?

rocks and sediment***
oceans (google says it but trust me, I got this question wrong)
plant biomass

What do plants use for energy?

glucose ***

What do animals such as clams and oysters extract from the water to build their shells?

carbon ***

Why does Earth have a lower amount of carbon in the atmosphere than planets such as Venus and Mars?

Most of Earth’s carbon can be found in the proteins and lipids of organisms
Plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for photosynthesis ***
Carbon is released into the air during plant decomposition
The carbon escapes Earth’s atmosphere faster than it is being absorbed

If the input and output of carbon is balanced in the carbon cycle, what can be generalized about the resident times of carbon in organisms?

The resident time would be zero because carbon is released as soon as it is absorbed ***

The resident time will decrease because plants will be taking in carbon dioxide to use for photosynthesis

The resident time will depend on where the organism lives because it might be influenced by cellular respiration

The resident time will increase because there will be a buildup of carbon in the atmosphere

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