Imagine that you have the following credit card statement for the period ending 9-25-20. You credit card's APR is 24%.

Range Balance (purchases/payments #days
8/26 to 8/30 $3000 5
8/31 to 9/11 $3147.58 12
9/12 to 9/18 $3197.58 7
9/19 to 9/21 $3298.64 3
9/22 to 9/25 $3098.64 4

what is the average daily balance for 8/26 to 9/25 billing statements
What is the interest change on the 8/26 to 9/25 billing statement
What will be the new balance on the 9-35 billing statement

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Help me out, this is super confusing and I can't seem to figure it out.

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