Bacterial Classification and Protists Quick Check

1.Which statement best describes respiration in spiral-shaped bacteria?
2.Your teacher gives you an unknown bacterium to observe. Select the method that would help you determine whether the bacterium is a chemotroph.
3.Which statement is most accurate regarding bacteria reproduction?
4.You discover an unknown protist. A section breaks off from the main protist specimen, and this piece develops into an adult protist. Select the type of reproduction your specimen underwent and the name of this particular process.
5.Your teacher gives you an unknown protist to classify that is currently inactive. The protist appears to have long lash-like appendages protruding from its cell surface. Which kind of locomotion can we expect from this protist?

1.Spiral-shaped bacteria are generally aerobic, but a subset of the group uses anaerobic respiration.
2.growing the bacterium in a sulfur solution to see if it breaks the inorganic molecules down.
3.When conditions are ideal, bacteria can reproduce by fission at very high rates in a short period of time.
4.asexual reproduction; fragmentation
5.The appendages of this protist will move back and forth like a wagging tail to actively propel the protist forward.

(You can trust my answers if YOU want too)

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  1. all of coconuts answers are right exept 2 is B

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  2. Dear Gta 5 player,

    Um so when you said that "all of coconuts answers are right except 2 is B"
    I thought that I actually gotten a answer wrong on accident so I checked back on there and saw my answer was right for number 2 but you can still believe it's wrong and that's fine but I know is this:
    (you can trust my answers if YOU want to)
    have a great day!

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  3. Allow me to bring confirmation; coconut's answers are right including B. For those who want to know and as the young man/woman would say... "-coconut".

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  4. Coconut is right 100% for just conformation

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  5. Thanks coconut you are a blessing, all are right :)

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  6. coconut is 1100% right yall

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  7. Thank you Coconut! I got a 💯

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