Language arts

Which should a speaker use to support a claim? (1 point)


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  1. C

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  2. nobody:
    *everyone waiting for that one person with the list of answer*

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  3. ha literally i'm just waiting

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  4. Here are the answers
    2.It is related directly to the claim
    3.Sufficient evidence
    4.Using relevant and sufficient evidence

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  5. E A is correct

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  6. E A is correct!!

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  7. EA SPORTS Its in your brain
    EA Sports is correct!

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  8. 100% for Connexus evidence quick check
    1) evidence
    2)It is related directly to the claim
    3) Sufficient evidence
    4) Using relevant and sufficient evidence
    5) Sufficient evidence is enough facts and details to prove or support a claim, whereas relevant evidence directly relates to the ideas in the claim.

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  9. for 5.1.3 - Quiz: Exploring Graphic Treatment Quiz
    Language Arts 6 B - 1 / 5. Making Tough Choices / 5.1. Exploring Graphic Treatment

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  10. E A is correct. Tysm!!

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