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Question 1
Which of the following is nota way that human activity has negatively affected the biodiversity of ecosystems?

Group of answer choices

Habitat destruction

Introduction of invasive species

Planting of trees


Question 2
What must a healthy ecosystem contain in order to function properly?

A variety of plants

A variety of animals

Many organisms working together

All of the Above

Question 3
Which type of ecosystem needs biodiversity?

Oceans only

Forests only

Deserts only

All ecosystems

Question 4
At the time that Yellowstone National Park was created, there was a crucial factor that the park managers did not fully understand. What was that factor?

How the organisms depended on each other

How many grizzlies were in the park

How many willows and aspens were in the park.

what food each animal ate

Question 5
Which of the following was NOT one of the ways that the extermination of the wolf population affected the biodiversity of the park?

A decline decline in the willow population

An increase in the Grizzly population

A decline in the bever population

A shift in bird populations

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  1. Try yourself first. I bet you can do the first one!

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  2. Question 5 is A

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  3. 1)C

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  4. Answer key

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