1.Which line from “A Smart Cookie” most helps the reader understand that Esperanza’s mother still has some pride in her own personal abilities?
D. No clothes, but I had brains

2. When an author reveals what a character says, that is an example of
D. Indirect Characterization

3. Which pronoun indicates first-person point of view?
A. I

4.The author most likely includes both Arturo’s and his mother’s perspectives to
A. Contrast the characters

5.how are the consequences of the choices of Esperanza’s mother in “A Smart Cookie” and Arturo’s abuelo in “An Hour with Abuelo” similar?
D. Their choices led to lives different from their original plans

6. As Esperanza’s mother and Arturo’s abuelo talk about their choices, what do they have in common?
B. They are regretful as they talk about their choices

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