language arts

what do geometric shape characters best help the reader visualize?

A: a setting that is mathmatical
B: a setting filled with geometry
C: the pure emotion of the characters
D: the attitudes of the characters

if you have answers to the whole test please share them PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE I NEED HELP

btw the test is Lesson 12 Neighbors Unit Test Unit 1 language arts 7B

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  1. ima take the quiz and then post the answers gimme like 30 min

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  2. prolly more than 30 min but i will post them tho

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  3. 1. the attitudes of the characters
    2. it introduces the conflict
    3. a real person
    4. slightly frightening but useful
    5. They are unprepared for this catastrophic event.
    6. They were not actually original prints, but molecule-by-molecule reproductions
    7. They build suspense.
    8. Max is a cat.
    9. The neighborhood will become chaotic as the residents turn on each other.
    10. The speed of the events creates comedy and tension.
    11. he is afraid for his community
    12. not human
    13. Greg feels upset and angry at the beginning of the story. blah blah blah
    14. add "However," before "Greg"
    15. Journey to the Center of the Earth
    16. I love reading travel books because they include beautiful pictures of faraway places, and they motivate me to explore the world.
    17. how awkward the speaker feels playing baseball
    18. describes the setting through narration
    19. "I tried to see who was in the car," Ellen told the police, "but it was too dark."
    20. PEARL That...thing. What is it? RABBI LOW A golem. The old books did have the answer, The golem will protect the people.

    bruh this took too long to type
    thank me later

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  4. repost my answers to make sure they won't get deleted yall

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  5. Is he correct?

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  6. I think he is correct but can someone check?

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  7. Are you correct?

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  8. yare yare daze

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