Read the sentences from a student's essay about "the treasure of lemon brown
Greg's father sat endlessly lecturing him on Greg's need to improve his grades. Greg had his mind on other things.
What is the best way to revise the last sentence?
A. Add "consequently," before "Greg"
B. Add "Still," before Greg"
C. Add "Yet," before Greg"
D. Add "However," before "Greg"

I thinks its C
Please help
@Mrs. Sue

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  1. It is d!
    Hope this helps!

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  2. are you sure

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  3. @Chuleta v, sadly Ms. Sue passed away last year, so most unfortunately, she cannot help you with this question. I'm sure the other tutors will help you soon, or else another student.

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  4. Sarcastic? ME? Never!, is literally from a shirt. How do I know that? My dad has the shirt.

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