Connexus Unit Test Need Check On If its correct

Which statement describes
0.34 (has a line above the 34)
Select three answers.

A. It is a repeating decimal
B. It is a non-terminating decimal.
C. It is a non-repeating decimal.**
D. It is a terminating decimal.**
E. It is a rational number.
F. It is not a rational number.**
Am I correct (also i need answers for the test, so if anyone completed it tell me the correct ones)

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  1. .3434343434....
    = 34/100 + 34/10,000 + 34/1,000,000 .....
    = 34 ( 1/100 + 1/100 *1/100 + 1/100 * 1/100*1/100 ......
    = 34 (1 + r + r^2 ......
    oh my. geometric series. Google math is fun sum of geometric sequence
    = 34 (1/ [ 1 - .01) = 34 / 0.99 = = 3400/99
    well that is perfectly rational
    it repeats
    it does not terminate but goes on forever

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  2. you are wrong on two of the answers. What does the line over mean? What is a rational number?

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  3. @bobpursley im pretty sure the line over the number 34 means its repeating. i will fix the answer.

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