The following data represents the percentage of family income allocated to groceries for a sample of 50 shoppers

Table 3



10 -< 19


20 -< 29


30 -< 39


40-< 49


50-< 59


The variance and standard deviation of the family income is

1211.629 and 34.808

121.184 and 11.008

1200.151 and 34.643

1190.474 and 34.503

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  1. The way your data is posted, it is very difficult to understand.

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  2. the following data represents the percentage of family income allocated to groceries for a sample of 50 shoppers
    percentage frequenccy
    10-19 6
    20-19 14
    30-39 16
    40-49 11
    50-59 3
    compute the following
    i) mode
    ii) median
    iii) Quartile deviation
    iv) Coefficient of variation

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