Physics ASAP!!

1. Three resistors are placed in series. They have the following resistances: R1 = 20 ohms, R2 = 20 ohms, R3 = 10 ohms. What current would be moved through this circuit by a 5-V power supply?
A. 1.0 A
B. 0.10 A
C. 25 A
D. 250 A

2. Two resistors are placed in a parallel circuit, with R1 = 5 ohms and R2 = 5 ohms. What is the total current that would be moved through this circuit by a 10-volt power supply?
A. 1.0 A
B. 4.0 A
C. 100 A
D. 25 A

3. A current of 10 A moves through a circuit that contains multiple resistors in parallel. Which statement correctly describes the current through the resistors?
A. The current will be greatest through the resistor with the highest resistance.
B. The current will travel only through the resistor with the least resistance.
C. The current through each resistor will be 10 A.
D. The current through all of the resistors will add up to 10 A.

4. A circuit contains two resistors in series. The voltage drop across the first is 10 V. The voltage drop across the second is also 10 V. What is the voltage provided by the power supply in this circuit?
A. –20 V
B. 10 V
C. 20 V
D. –10 V

5. A 10-volt battery is connected to a circuit with two resistors, R1 and R2, in parallel. If R1 is greater than R2, what does Kirchhoff's loop rule indicate about the voltage drops across the resistors?
A. The voltage drops across both R1 and R2 will be 10 V each.
B. The voltage drops across both R1 and R2 will be 5 V each.
C. The voltage drop across R1 will be greater than the voltage drop across R2.
D. The voltage drop across R1 will be less than the voltage drop across R2.

My Answers:
1. C
2. D
3. A
4. A
5. B

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  1. #1. No. E = IR and R=20+20+10
    #2. No. E = IR and 1/R = 1/5 + 1/5
    #3. No. Try D
    #4. Nope.
    #5. Nope.

    Still guessing?

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