Eng Ms. Sue

I'm typing the final draft of my essay. I finished but I'm having major difficulty figuring out of how to cite my quote properly on my work cited page. I have been to alot of websites that shows examples but I'm so confused. Can you please help me. That's the website and the quote is by Martha Gellhorn. I don't know how you can help because I cant copy the exact website for you.

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  1. You've probably been instructed which form your teacher wants. Here are the two main standards for citing websites.



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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. It was MLA. What happens if there is no Date published/updated. or Organization/publisher.

    Gellhorn, Martha "Wisdom Quotes", 1995-2009, 15 February 2009, then the website

    does that look correct. The 1995-2009 is the copyright date>

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    posted by Michele

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