Jeff made 2 baskets in his first basketball game and 1 more basket in his next game. Assuming he scores 1 more basket each game, write a recursive formula to generate the sequence representing the total number of baskets Jeff made after each game.(1 point)

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  1. the asnwer choices are

    f(1)=1, f(n)=f(n−1)−1 for n>1

    f(1)=2, f(n)=f(n−1)−1 for n>1

    f(1)=1, f(n)=f(n−1)+1 for n>1

    f(1)=2, f(n)=f(n−1)+1 for n>1

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  2. well, the first two choices are out, since they subtract one each time.
    So, what do you think?

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  3. If you want all answers for Connexus : Relationships Between Quantities Quick Check, Here ya go wsdfg.
    1. {10, 18, 26, 34,...}
    2. f(1)=2, f(n)=f(n−1)+1 for n>1
    3. f(1)=10, f(n)=f(n−1)+15, for n>1
    4.f(1)=10, f(n)=f(n−1)+2, for n>1

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  4. tysm!!!! it works there all right

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  5. i got 100%

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  6. Connexus Student is right if you are in connexus algebra 1 relationships between quanitys

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