Read this passage from The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.

He had on a madras shirt. I can still see it. Blue madras. One of them laughed, then cussed me out in a low voice. I couldn’t think of anything to say. There just isn’t a whole lot you can say while waiting to get mugged, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Need a haircut, greaser?” The medium-sized blond pulled a knife out of his back pocket and flipped the blade open.

I finally thought of something to say. "No.” I was backing up, away from that knife.
Who are the opposing characters in this passage?
A. Ponyboy and Johnny
B. Ponyboy and Darry
C. Ponyboy and himself
D. Ponyboy and the Socs

Which of these excerpts from The Outsiders best represents an external conflict?
A. "I fought to get loose, and almost did for a second; then they tightened up on me and the one on my chest slugged me a couple of times."
B. "I automatically hitched my thumbs in my jeans and slouched, wondering if I could get away if I made a break for it."
C. "Anyway, I went on walking home, thinking about the movie, and then suddenly wishing I had some company."
D. "I wish they were more gray, because I hate most guys that have green eyes, but I have to be content with what I have."

Read this excerpt from The Outsiders.

I’m different that way. I mean, my second-oldest brother, Soda, who is sixteen-going-on-seventeen, never cracks a book at all, and my oldest brother, Darrel, who we call Darry, works too long and hard to be interested in a story or drawing a picture, so I’m not like them. And nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do. For a while there, I thought I was the only person in the world that did.
What is the theme of this excerpt?
A. Being part of a team is meaningful.
B. Growing up means accepting oneself.
C. Nature teaches powerful life lessons.
D. Family traditions are important.

Read this excerpt fromThe Outsiders.

I'm not sure how you spell it, but it's the abbreviation for the Socials, the jet set, the West-side rich kids. It's like the term "greaser," which is used to class all us boys on the East Side.
Which sentence best states the theme of this excerpt?
A. Neighborhoods are usually divided by social classes.
B. Some people judge others based on appearances.
C. All teens experience similar events in life.
D. People are sometimes labeled by where they live.

Read this excerpt fromThe Outsiders.

I was wishing I looked like Paul Newman—he looks tough and I don’t—but I guess my own looks aren’t so bad. I have light-brown, almost-red hair and greenish-gray eyes. I wish they were more gray, because I hate most guys that have green eyes, but I have to be content with what I have.
What is a universal theme found in the excerpt?
A. Be happy with the person you are.
B. Outside appearance does not matter.
C. Beauty fades, but character does not.
D. Dreams come true with hard work.

Read this excerpt from The Outsiders.

Then there were shouts and the pounding of feet, and the Socs jumped up and left me lying there, gasping. I lay there and wondered what in the world was happening—people were jumping over me and running by me and I was too dazed to figure it out. Then someone had me under the armpits and was hauling me to my feet. It was Darry.

"Are you all right, Ponyboy?”

He was shaking me and I wished he’d stop. I was dizzy enough anyway. I could tell it was Darry though—partly because of the voice and partly because Darry’s always rough with me without meaning to be.
What universal theme is present in this excerpt?
A. Losing hope means losing a battle.
B. Fitting in is important while growing up.
C. Challenging times bring families together.
D. A positive attitude can overcome anything.

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  1. If you post what YOU THINK for each of them, someone here might be able to check your work.

    It's been over 50 years since I read this, so I probably won't be much help on any questions that deal with the story itself.

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  2. I GOT AN A

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  3. Excellent news!

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  4. Wait what are the answers I need to check my work?

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  5. does any one know the answers to Lesson 10: Expectations Unit Test
    Language Arts 7 A Unit 1: Expectations

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  7. Warning: Since I'm the first one giving answers, I might be wrong, please do the work yourself until you are 100% sure that my answers were right. I don't recommend cheating but I can't control what you do, and I'm putting these answers so you can check yours. I already took the test so I'm pretty sure it's ok.

    1. D
    2. C
    3. C
    4. B
    5. A
    6. C

    Good luck guys :D

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