The same net force is applied to two bodies. The first body acquires half of the acceleration of the second body. What is the relationship between the masses of the bodies?
The mass of the first body is double the mass of the second body.

The mass of the first body is a quarter of the mass of the second body.

The mass of the first body is half the mass of the second body.

The mass of the first body is four times the mass of the second body.

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  1. f = m * a

    forces are the same , so the acceleration is inversely proportional to the mass

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  2. a1 = a.
    a2 = 2a.

    F = M1*a
    M1 = F/a.

    F = M2*2a
    M2 = F/2a.

    M1/M2 = (F/a)/(F/2a) = 2.

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  3. a1 = x.
    a2 = 2x.

    M1/M2 = a2/a1 = 2x/x = 2.

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  4. sooooooo

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