3. In 2016 mobile games accounted for __ percent of the video game Avenue A.1 B.18 C.33 D.46 4. King tut was buried with multiple copies of an ancient board game A.true B. False 5. After the gaming bust Atari buried around 700,000 copies of it’s unsold games and machines in a New Mexico Landfill A.true B.false 6. The physical components of computers that carry out the basic operations Are B.hardware C.firmware D.vaporware 7.todays average computer has __ times the processing speed of an old pac man machine. A.10 B.100 C.1000 D.10000 8. Part of the reason for the video game bust of the early 80s was the rise of home computers A.true B.false 9. The Magnavox odyssey it was a commercial success A.true B.false 10. A device used to display electric signals as waveforms is called A. An oscilloscope B.a rotoscope C. An electroscope D.a higginbotham 11.The gaming company whose Console revive the Video game market in 1985 was. A. Nintendo B.sega C.Microsoft D. Sony 12. The part of the computer that contains incoded information or instructions for physical components Is the A. Hardware B.vaporware D.wetware 13. Unique combinations of computer hardware Or electronics design to run video games are called A. ROMS B. Game platforms C. CPUs engines 14. Which of the following modern Game started out as an arcade game A. Sonic the hedgehog B.super Mario bro’s C. Tetris D.doom 15. About __percent of America adult play video games A.5 B.25 C.50 D.75

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  1. Why are you posting this again?

    Since it's almost unreadable as it is and since you got no replies yesterday, it's a safe bet no one here knows.

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