This is a re-update to my last question (last-was missing info)
I am having trouble writing a paragraph for the following prompt below, Can someone please give me a outline to follow please and thank you.

Prompt: Write one complete paragraph describing what your project is about.

Also the word "describing" is throwing me off... does it mean just a normal introduction in like a essay where you mention what your subtopics are and describe the topic a little ? In this context my topic is about genomes followed my 4 subtopic "questions" to answer about genomes
or is it something else?

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  1. Is this paragraph to be a stand-alone paragraph? Or is it to be the introduction to a fully developed essay?

    If it's a stand-alone paragraph, the supporting details should not be questions. These need to be statements giving examples and telling why your topic sentence is true.

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  2. Use this paragraph to answer the question.

    The scuba instructor said it was improbable that we might see a shark and not to panic if we do. The occasional nurse shark might swim near the reef, but it is not an aggressive species.

    What does the term improbable mean in this context?

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    always happens

    will happen

    not likely

    never happens

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