a huge oil tanker, salt water has flooded an oil tank to a depth of h2 = 5,0 m. On top of
the water is a layer of oil h1 deep, as in the cross-sectional view of the tank in Figure 1:

Figure 1
The oil has a density of 700 kg/m3
. If P0 is the atmospheric pressure and pressure at the
bottom, Pbot, is equal to 2,5 x 105 Pa, calculate the height of layer of oil, h1, at the top of
the water. (Take 1 025 kg/m3 as the density of salt water.) (5)
13. A force of 485 N is applied to the small piston of a hydraulic press whose area is 4 cm2
What is the minimum diameter of the large piston if it is to lift a 1960 N load? [𝐴 = 𝜋𝑟

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