Can somebody shows I how to get from(30x^4 (x^6+4)^3/2 -54x^10 (x^6+4)^1/2)/(x^6 +4)^6/2 to (120x^4 -24x^10)/(x^6+4)^3/2

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  1. Just show I how to simplify (30x^4 (x^6+4)^3/2 -54x^10 (x^6+4)^1/2)/(x^6 +4)^6/2 to (24x^4 (x^6 -5))/(x^6 +4)^5/2 with steps please because I'm stuck

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  2. (30x^4 (x^6+4)^3/2 -54x^10 (x^6+4)^1/2)
    = 6x^4 (x^6+4)^(1/2) (5(x^6+4)-9x^6)
    = 6x^4 (x^6+4)^(1/2) (-4x^6+20)

    when you divide that by (x^6+4)^(6/2) there is no way it can equal the right side.

    Better fix your typo(s) and try again. Go to and type

    (30x^4 (x^6+4)^(3/2) -54x^10 (x^6+4)^(1/2))/(x^6 +4)^(6/2) = (120x^4 -24x^10)/(x^6+4)^(3/2)

    (note the extra parentheses around the exponents.) If they are equal, it will respond with "true," otherwise it will try to solve the equation.

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