If you are administering an oral acetaminophen dose of 400. mg from a bottle at a concentration of 32.0 mg/mL , how many milliliters of the solution do you need to give the patient?

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  1. After a day or two of posting this kind of problem you should have it figured out now how to do it. The easy way to see it is to look at the units. If I look I see
    32.0 mg/mL
    I want to know how many mL to give 400 mg. so
    32.0 mg/mL x ?mL = 400 mg
    You see the mL in the denominator cancel with the mL in the numerator to give mg so you know mg = mg and you must have set it up right. So solving the equation gives you 400/32 = 12.5 mL
    You need to think these things through.

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