1. What is Boyle’s law?
State the definition of the law in words.
What are the assumptions of Boyle’s law?
Write mathematical equations that represent the law.
What can be calculated using Boyle’s law?
Using a bicycle tire pump as an example, describe what happens to the gas molecules that behave according to Boyle’s law.

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  1. What do you not understand about this. Look in your text or notes. Or look on Google. You can read and do this yourself. I'm not inclined to do your homework for you.

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  2. no i didnt say to do homework lol i just read and yeah i guess i didnt clarify i know the answer to all of them except the last one using the pump, DrB

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  3. OK. I don't want to be a smart alec BUT if you already knew all of the answer except for the tire pump, why waste my time writing all of those answers. It would have taken me an hour to do all of those up to my standard. Or perhaps you just wanted to see if I knew the answers too. I assure you I do. Often I hear that "Well I just wanted to check my answers". That's good BUT if you've already read and read then you can check you answers with your reading source and be done with it and you don't need me. Please don't waste our time if you already know the answer. The proper way to handle it is to POST YOUR ANSWER and ask us to check it. Here is the pump question. When you push down on the bicycle pump handle, the air molecules are compressed. When the handle is half way down, the volume is 1/2 as much and the pressure is twice as much etc. By the way, the next time you use a pump to pump up a tire, notice the heat generated by feeling the outside of the pump. It will be hot. Where does that heat come from? Part of it, of course, is from friction; however, most of it comes from the compression of the air molecules. When you push those ers closer and closer and closer and the are wiggling around in less and less volume, the kinetic energy of those more frequent collisions between air molecules shows up as heat lost to the surroundings. Another way to look at is almost all gases, when they are allowed to expand, get colder. You can actually get air so cold by letting compressed air expand, it will become a liquid. So if you compress it it will get hotter. Isn't science interesting?

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  4. YASS! And by the way never meant to waste anyone's time I just need to see if they were the same as my answers but you are right next time i will do it the way you said! Thanks Dr Bob !! :)

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  5. Thank you. I know no one means to waste our time. The problem is that students are in a hurry and they don't think this through. They just want to get that answer and move on to the next question. By the way, read my response on one of your other posts (the one with Chill). If you are not being taught the basics with understanding the ICE system, you aren't getting your money's worth. I can go through a simple problem and show you how it works if need me. A better way is to ask your supervisor/instructor/teacher/program instructor/whomever to explain it to you.

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