I have to the area of a triangle where I only know one side of the triangle and one angle. The side measurement is 22yds and the angle measurement is 30 degrees. I've tried to find ways on how to do this and the solution I have found is cos(30)=x/22. I don't know what to do after this, can someone help me, please?

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  1. √3/2=x/22



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  2. What, I don't understand this?

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  3. I got sin30=√3/2 special trigonometry angles

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  4. Knowing only one side and one angle of a general triangle is insufficient information
    about the triangle.

    Was the triangle right-angled?, then you actually have all 3 angles and a side
    I also have to know how the given side and the given angle are related, is the angle opposite the side, or is the angle adjacent to the side?

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  5. I assume it was a right angle......

    But teacher has very valuable point....I should have asked that

    Thank you sir

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  6. Kenny,
    sin30° = 1/2, not √3/2

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  7. Thank you sir aswell was a typo
    Cos30 rather

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