Social studies

1.Drag and drop the reasons for widespread discontent around the world in the early 1900s.

reasons for widespread discontent


desire for independence

dissatisfaction with peace terms of WWI

overproduction of consumer goods

strong national governments

2.Which of the following were reasons for the Great Depression? Select the three correct answers.

shortage of workers

scarcity of goods

high personal debt

tariffs on imported goods

falling stock prices

3.Drag the description to the appropriate totalitarian government. Some answers may be used more than once.

led by Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party

led by the fascists and Benito Mussolini

promised to restore the greatness of the Roman empire

invaded countries for their resources




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  1. Someone might check your answers if you post them.

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  2. 1. a, d, and b
    2. a and e
    Germany: led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party

    Italy: led by the fascists and Benito Mussolini, promised to restore the greatness of the Roman empire

    Japan: invaded countries for their resources

    Can someone check these?

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  3. please ;-;

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  4. 100% correct for the Depression and the Rise of Totalitarianism Quick Check
    a. poverty, desire for independence, dissatisfaction with peace terms of ww2
    b. c,d,e
    c. Italy: led by the fascists, promised to restore the greatness
    germany: led by Adolph hitler and the natzi party
    japan: invaded countries for their resources

    hope this helps!!!

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  5. tysm your welcome is right

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  6. Your welcome is wrong I got 60%

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  8. Y̴̰͔͝ò̸̱̝̔u̷̝̎͝r̶͇̠̍ ̸̞͂̄w̴̭̎e̶̱̊l̶̩͗̾c̶͇͛̋ơ̸̜͖m̸̜̘͐̈́e̷͉̓ ̵̟̋͒ͅi̸̜̒͜ș̷͎̇̕ ̸̲̀́R̶̛͎̊ͅi̷̢͛g̸̜͗h̵̯͍͌t̸̖̀

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