Each week Lance drives two routes, route A and route B.
One week he drives route A five times and route B twice.
He drives a total of 181 miles that week.
The week after, he drives route A twice and route B three times.
He drives a total of 112 miles that week.

Find the length of each route.

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  1. length of route A ---- a
    length of route B --- b

    5a + 2b = 181
    2a + 3b = 112
    I would use elimination:
    1st by 3: ----> 15a + 6b = 543
    2nd by 2: --> 4a + 6b = 224
    subtract those to get a = ...
    sub that back into 2a + 3b = 112 to find b

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  2. Joe mama

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