Which are true statements about direct democracy? Select all that apply. (2 points)

A. It can happen at the federal level.
B. It can happen at the state level. **
C. It can remove an elected official from office.
D. It can only happen through the legislature. **?
E. It can happen without a vote of the people.

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    With a direct democracy, there's no need for a legislature. If each citizen votes directly, representatives are not needed. I'd say A, B, and C are correct choices for this — but I also believe that direct democracies happen only in small countries or other political organizations.

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  2. but the quick check only allows us to choose 2 answers and that is three so what are the real answers "Writeacher" ? We would like to know PLEASE:-|

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  3. The answers for Unit 3 lesson 3 Direct democracy are:
    Hope it helps

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  4. BTS is correct %100 percent for connexus

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  5. Current answers are correct above for 2021 school year.
    2. B,C
    3. A

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  6. Us it is D, BC, A at least for Florida connexus

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  7. DarkChocolate6965 is right :)

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